Acceptable Daily Intake (adi)

The ADI, expressed on a mg/kg body weight/day basis, is a very conservative estimate of the amount of a sweetener that can safely be consumed on a daily basis over a person's lifetime.

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Low Calorie Healthy Sweetner
Sweeta Free is made from Aspartame, which is the largest selling sweetener worldwide. Aspartame is a protein derivative and is approved by WHO & USFDA. It is nutritious and 100% safe. More than 300 Million people across the world uses Aspartame in day to day course for controlling calorie intake.


Low-calorie sweeteners provide consumers with many benefits, both psychological and physiological. Health professionals and consumers believe.


Humans have desired foods with a sweet taste for thousands of years. Ancient cave paintings at Arana in Spain show a neolithic man taking honey from a wild

Safety Evaluations

Recent SCF/EFSA safety evaluations of individual low calorie sweeteners
Acesulfame-K – 9 March, 2000
Aspartame – 4 December, 2002. EFSA